August 15th 1940: Spanish foundation of Arequipa by Garci Manuel de Carbajal. The place where the church was built was marked with a cross.


1583: An earthquake destroyed this first construction.


1600: Partial destruction of the structure caused by the eruption of the Quinistaquillas volcano.

  1609 : Creation of the Diocese of Arequipa (separating it from Cusco) by Pope Paul V.   1666, 1668, 1687 y 1784: Earthquakes cause non-structural damagess.  
1848: Reconstruction of the Cathedral, when Jose Sebastian de Goyeneche and Barreda was Bishop.  Architect Lucas Poblete.

1854: The English clock was installed in the tower.  The Belgian organ and wooden sculptures of the 12 Apostles were acquired.


1868: An earthquake destroyed several parts of the Cathedral.  The reconstruction was made under the direction of Mr. Lucas Poblete and thanks to the Archbishop Goyeneche and his family.


2001: An earthquake affected the towers of the cathedral.


1544: The construction of the first church in the Main Square began.  Architect: Pedro Godinez.


1590: The reconstruction of the church began.


1604: Earthquake finishes destructing the structure.

  1621 - 1656: Construction of the Cathedral of the Diocese.   1844: Great fire in the Cathedrall.   1850: Bishop Goyeneche and his family donate to the Cathedral valuable jewels and pieces made by the Spanish goldsmith Francisco Moratilla, chamber silversmith of Queen Elizabeth II. The major altar is installed (presently existing), made by Felipe Moratilla.  

1879: The Buisine Rigot pulpit was installed.


1985: His Holiness John Paul II visited Arequipa.

    2011: The Museum of the Cathedral of Arequipa was inaugurated.